Festival de Musica ‘Fica na Cidade’

A Câmara Municipal do Funchal promove anualmente o Festival ‘Fica na Cidade’. Este cartaz cultural, que decorre entre os dias 17 a 23 de maio…

Music Festival “Fica na Cidade”

The Municipality of Funchal annually hosts the music Festival ‘Fica na Cidade’ (‘stay in town’). This cultural event, which takes place between the 17th and the 23rd of May…

Maktube Soundsgood Festival May 4th

This reggae music festival is held annually in Paúl do Mar, thus signalling the beginning of the bathing season in that area. Maktube Soundsgood Festival…

Enduro World Series Madeira 2019

A Enduro World Series (EWS) é um dos maiores eventos de BTT do mundo e a Madeira tornou-se parte da competição em 2017.

Enduro World Series Madeira 2019

The Enduro World Series (EWS) is one of the biggest Mountain Biking events in the world and Madeira became part of the competition in 2017.

Events in Madeira in April 2019

Have a look at several Events in Madeira in April of 2019, that you can see, do or explore while you stay in Madeira Island. What are the main Events in Madeira in April?

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